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video of the week – 12/26/2011

Here is the latest video from our good friends at ‘The Clean Sanchez’. A bilingual Spanish spiritual leader guides us to enlightenment – er, ahem, maybe not. It is the 4th sketch written by Sergi Bosch who never seems to run out of crazy ideas and it is our first video shot by guest Director […]

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video of the week – 12/5/2011

This week’s video as another sketch by ¬†‘The Clean Sanchez’. ‘Hollywood is filled with aspiring young actresses in need of representation. Desdimona is committed to committed to finding the cream of the crop in this sneak peek into the life a talent agent.’ It was written by, directed by and stars Kelly Meyersfield as Desdimona, […]

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video of the week – 8/15/11

so here’s today’s video of the week … the very first “Clean Sanchez” video, starring Will Bowles and Sergi Bosch and written by Sergi Bosch. enjoy!

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