Last Days

Last Days is an episodic drama that is basically 28 Days Later meets The Wire. it’s the gritty, day-by-day story about survivors of a world-shattering pandemic scattered throughout the western United States and how they each individually try to maintain their humanity in the savage, brutal world in which they suddenly find themselves. Last Days was the brainchild of Chad Kukahiko, who wrote the first two hour-long episodic length episodes. Pawel Sasik has since joined forces and has so far been co-writing the remainder.

PLEASE NOTE:: that the old url is now pointing here since all of the more recent information will be pointed here from now on. feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Current Status: Development
the size of this project is bigger than we can produce with our current resources, but sign up for our blogfreako email updates email updates to get the latest Last Days news as it happens.

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