Last Days: Ante Diem

Last Days: Ante Diem is a motion comic, illustrated by Travis Stanberry & John Sandel, animated by Denny Kukahiko & Nick Ligonis and written by Chad Kukahiko and Pawel Sasik – score by Kyle Puccia and sound design by Kendall Kanoa Hawley. above is Part One as posted on Celtx‘ (who gave superfreako productions a grant for LDAD) YouTube channel. Part Two should be finished and posted some time around New Years 2012. this is a companion prequel piece for the full Last Days project. When complete, this will be a short six-part piece, and it’s mainly set in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the 1980s but also flashes back to Nazi Germany.

Current Status: on-going production
Part One is complete and posted and Part Two should be finished and posted around New Years 2012. After that we’ll be raising money to produce subsequent pairs of episodes – so we’ll raise some money to do Parts 3 and 4, finish them and then later raise money for Parts 5 and 6. sign up for our email updates to find out the latest news about Last Days: Ante Diem and all our other projects.

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And here’s a little making-of thingie, which also includes a little thank-you to Celtx for their software and their grant money. =)

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