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The Great Gatsb… eh…

Things I’ve learned from The Great Gatsby Let me preface my preface by saying we don’t do a lot of movie reviews on Blogfreako. And also that this is my blog post so if you don’t like it, get your own. Now let me preface my post by saying what a huge fan I am […]

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Chinese Railroad Workers

Read, Read, Read Your Boat. Wait.

In addition to producing, I do a little bit of writing as well- not as much or as often as I should be, but who is? Chad writes most of the narrative projects we end up producing, but I have my own film projects and I also do most of the copy that ends up […]

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A lot of wine drinking in this one.

Inspiration I just saw this trailer on Hulu, and it looked pretty funny- I think Aziz Ansari is hilarious so if he’s in something, I will pay a little extra attention. Then it got to the real premise of the film- a guy delivers a pizza, only to have his customers strap a bomb to […]

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Legal Ease

Historical Events and Figures

I was super excited to read this post on Film Independent’s Legal Ease blog– “If historical events/figures are open game for the public to write about, when is it necessary to secure nonfiction book rights?” This is a timely subject for me because I have been working on a historical story for which an incredibly […]

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Blog de Resistance

Blog de Resistance A few years ago I read a book I believe every artist should own (if not memorize)- The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s not some namby-pamby self help book encouraging you to reach deep within yourself and yell “I CAN DO THIS, WORLD! EMBRACE ME AS I AM!” before returning […]

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so about three and a half years ago i created my first content management system-based web site, it was the “world’s first social network for survivors of the zombie apocalypse” i would boast – and in all my research, since went live in october 2007, i think that boast might actually be true […]

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