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Master Thespian

Chad’s ode to the actor, part 1: the importance of knowing your casting

back when i was in college, one of my instructors told me about “casting” and how important it was for me to know my “casting”. for non-actors out there, an actor’s “casting” is the general range of roles for which he or she is best suited. for instance, is he the handsome leading man or […]

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video of the week – 7/5/11

here’s a little explanation of a technique i use to help actors get to very deep and personal emotional depths on-set. it’s been quite good to me and i plan to continue to use it so i figured i’d share it and see if it could help my friends and colleagues. cheers! this is sort […]

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my technique

UPDATE (7/8/11): just posted a video where i get a little more in-depth on the technique i describe in this post. check it out above. a very talented actress named Nicol Razon who auditioned for broken people emailed me this week. she was really fantastic in the audition – so emotionally available. i told her […]

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busy busy busy

took friday off from the Doody to prepare for the Broken People shoot for Kyle Puccia. had a great, long rehearsal with the two incredible actors who played the leads: Murisa Harba and Charlie Capen. they were amazing in rehearsal and even better on set over the weekend … but i’m getting a little ahead […]

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