the post-channel driven world

interesting things going on in superfreako-land lately. Denny’s been busy with Reducation. Kendall leaves for a month-long hula gig on a cruise ship in October and i’m trying to wrap up the edit for “tuesday morning” – but everywhere around me i see the signs of really interesting things in our segment of the industry and it made me think about this bit i spoke about in just our third “WMM Film Geeks” podcast about what i called the “Post-Channel Driven World”.

i don’t think younger people even realize this – people too young to remember the heyday of “Seinfeld” and “Friends” – but i think that era, when those two shows ruled Primetime – or even when Primetime was a thing that people actually gave two shits about – was the last during which people could stand around the office water cooler and all chat about the same few shows. perhaps we should refer to that as the “Age of Primetime”, and i’d imagine it began with TV and ended with Hulu. mind you, there were plenty of hit shows before “Friends” & “Seinfeld”: “Cheers”, “Happy Days”, “M.A.S.H.”, i could go on and on, but there will never again be TV shows with that deep and consistent resonance throughout so much of the U.S. public. in fact, i don’t think there is anything anymore around which Americans can congregate like they could Primetime TV during the past several decades. those days are over and i don’t actually think that it’s a bad thing. at least not necessarily.

we’re in an age when anybody can write, shoot, edit and then publish anything they want, but odds are it’s going to get lost in a sea of noise. the ramifications by the way touch far more than just TV trivia. it effects the way ideas spread in our society and that’s the part that really excites me. well, that and the fact that there’s a chance that my friends and i might all be able to get our art out there and seen – so my interest is far more than just altruistic.

anyway, that’s just the tip of the iceberg really – it’s a subject i’m fascinated with and i’m honestly really excited to be alive while this all shakes out. i can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

click here to go directly to the spot in WMM Film Geeks where i’m talking about just this (we call that segment of the show “Geek’s Grotto” btw).

here is the entire 45-minute show:

click here to go to the iTunes link for the audio podcast, where you can also subscribe to it. =)

… and here’s an extremely loose transcript of my little Geek’s Grotto as well. enjoy!

i’ve been thinking a lot about the Veronica Mars project and Zack Braff’s follow-up to “Garden State” which still has three weeks
left in its Kickstarter campaign and has already made WELL over it’s $2million target. people are getting angry about these “rich people” asking for money to get their projects made, but their fans aren’t mad. their fans are giving them what they need and paying for these projects when the regular Hollywood systems won’t, and i just think that people who are getting mad and Kristen and Zack are like an old man who go outside to yell at everybody to get the hell off his lawn – they’re just fighting the inevitable. it’s already happening around us every day and there’s really nothing anybody can do to stop it.

and secondly – but much worse, independent artists who bitch and moan about big shows or well-known stars going to Kickstarter to get their projects made don’t realize is that these are GOOD signs for independent artists and i don’t realize it. it’s giving crowd-sourcing the legitimacy it deserves and most importantly a world in which fans themselves greenlight projects is a world that all independent artists should welcome.

think of it like this: imagine that the entertainment industry in which we USED to live was a world filled with plantation houses. you needed to go to different plantation houses and beg the owner to let you in, but now the world is filling up with teepees and you can getting into a teepee is easier. you can build your own teepee and the fans you get, the bigger your teepee gets.

i don’t look at these bigger teepees and bitch and moan, because i see that the fact that their teepee is allowing them to live outside the plantation houses is proof that that’s possible.

it obviously doesn’t mean that i’m automatically going to be able to create my own fan base, or that it’s going to get as big as theirs, but it’s proof that the old plantation structure of the entertainment industry isn’t the only game in town, and THAT excites me.

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