quick superfreako update

been spending all my blogfreako time lately working on those “ode to the actor” posts, that i haven’t been updating our actual efforts and whatnot. and that’s been silly since there’s been sooooo much going on. if you already get our monthly newsletters, you already know a lot of this, but if not, here’s a quick run-down of what’s been happening this year so far:

  1. Kendall’s on a temporary full-time contract with YouTube “intertainers” Rhett & Link.
  2. Denny’s been working with Absolute Live Productions and will be heading out to Hawaii in about a week or so. he also did all the technical direction for We Make Movies’ first ever livestream of How We Make Movies this past Wednesday night.
  3. we’re wrapping up projects for clients from Ventura to San Diego – including a four spot commercial campaign and an instructional industrial and commercial with a well-known reality TV star.
  4. we’re about to launch our new superfreako productions services site – keep your eyes peeled for that.
  5. we’re holding auditions next weekend for our next short, “Wrong” written by the extremely talented We Make Movies writer Darrow Carson. i’ll be directing Wrong and it’s looking like Ryan Baker, our DP for Ms Young, might be able to come down and shoot this for us as well. Denny will be gaffing and Kendall producing. that should be moving through post by end of May.
  6. Ms Young’s project page on JuntoBox Films is at the highest level you can get and we’re awaiting word from JBF right now to hear if they’re interested in optioning it. we’ve also entered it into a number of other script-writing contests, so if anything comes through we’ll definitely let you know.
  7. the superfreakos will be producing a really funny pilot presentation by Mikey Courchain. our director Brennon Bynum will direct. we’ve already finished casting and are basically just finalizing one last location and working out schedules and then we’ll be in business.
  8. in lieu of our regular annual screening, this year We Make Movies is having a WMM Fest as part of the Hollywood Fringe festival. sign-up for the We Make Movies newsletters (you’ll get a free Filmmaking Survival Guide when you do btw) to stay up to date on that or just keep checking back on our WMM Fest page on the Hollywood Fringe site. should be a lot of fun.
  9. other pre-production efforts continue on Ms Young and we’ll continue to update you as things start to solidify.

so there you have it. 2013 is getting very busy and very interesting.

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