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radius-twc articleTaking the advice of every business person who knows what they’re taking about in the entire film industry, as we head through development and into fundraising and pre-production on our feature film Ms. Young I am researching for a plan for marketing and distribution. We’re in a weird time though, as distribution is changing so much and platforms (and their reputations) are growing and changing so quickly. In regards to micro-budget features in the past few years our industry has swung wildly from “*snort* Right, good luck out there suckers” to almost endless possibilities. Here’s a really fantastic interview from September with Tom Quinn and Jason Janego, the guys at Radius-TWC, breaking down multi-platform distribution, my new favorite thing. radius-twc

Yes, there are of course skeptics out there. Just read the comments and you see despite examples of good movies and profits in the article itself, many people still want to hang on to the idea of multi-platform release as a “dumping ground”. But what these guys describe is exactly what I see every week in the choices I make for entertainment. Here’s pretty much how a normal movie night goes for us- check Netflix Instant for something we both agree on. Usually we’re exhausted and want something mindless- for me that’s comedy or (decent) horror, for Chad that’s sci-fi or action/adventure. If we can’t find something on Netflix Instant, check Vudu for rentals. If there’s nothing we can agree on with Vudu, we check iTunes for rentals. That’s how it goes all the time. Our Netflix dvds languish for weeks. If I’m home alone I watch something I know Chad wouldn’t be to interested in and vice versa. We’re not 100% of the market of course but more and more people are looking first at these platforms for their convenience and selection, especially recently as the quality of films available has increased so significantly.

While we chose this industry for the creative satisfaction, we also need to eat and at the end of the day, business is business. A successful venture creates a quality product that has a market. Technology is making it cheaper to produce a quality product and platforms and audience viewing habits are expanding the marketplace.

sundance newsIt’s so exciting to me that trailblazers like these guys are unapologetically charge forward, and you can already see its effect on the industry’s attitude toward VOD. Check out this Deadline Sundance article from and you’ll see what I mean.

If you’re a filmmaker, read both of these articles. Read them hard, until you understand every word about what’s happening, because we all know how quickly everything moves these days. We’re standing on the edge of an entirely new world for the independent filmmaker and there is no time like the present to start taking advantage of it.


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