Showbiz, baby!

Me likey!

Mmmmmmm Schedule-yyy

A couple years ago we were given a copy of Showbiz Scheduling by the wonderful people at the Big Island Film Festival, where our short Carefully Descending was screening. Yes, it took me forever to crack that sucker open, until I suddenly found myself embroiled in a pre-production frenzy on multiple projects. It became clear pretty quickly that my little schedule 11 Numbers spreadsheet wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was also getting to a point in my career where I needed more professional tools to do my job if I expected to be taken seriously. So I finally installed the thing and HOLY COW WHERE HAD YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? (“in your drawer unused Kendall, that’s where.”) It’s incredibly easy to use- if you have even passing experience with Movie Magic Scheduling you’ll do great with this. Even if you don’t, it’s super intuitive and easy to learn. I have yet to really sit down and figure out everything it can do, but breaking down scripts and generating reports has never been more fun and if you know me, you know that’s saying something.

I Googled “Nerd Party”. I promise Showbiz Scheduling inspires less creepy glares. The spit bubbles are pretty accurate, however.

So I started fantasizing about Showbiz Budgeting. A girl can dream, can’t she? And then I bought it, because a girl can also shop. This is decidedly more complicated, although I’m still loving it, so as I really get into it I’ll post some things about getting started. In the meantime though, can I just say how amazing Showbiz customer service is? We didn’t realize there was a download option and thought we had to purchase the actual cd, so we did. Right away an accounts person gave us the heads up to make sure we knew that was an option, even though we had already paid and download-only was cheaper. When we asked to change the order they did so immediately and I was installing the

Come to Mama!

program within the hour. It really was amazing. Afterwards we received multiple emails checking in to be sure we had downloaded and unlocked everything correctly, which we had, and then thanking us for our purchase and reminding us of their tech support services. A few days later I received a thank-you postcard. I half-expected to wake up the next morning to a parade being thrown outside of our office, they were that enthusiastic and appreciative. Actually no, I fully expected that parade and I got jack squat. Thanks for nothing, Showbiz.

Stay tuned for some advice and reviews as I find time dig into Budgeting!

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