collaborators, 20 years later


ode to a bad ass

i spent the weekend in Phoenix rehearsing with Laurelann Porter. it’s interesting being on the other side of the table again. for so long, i’ve been working on “Leprechauns and Lies” with basically no adult supervision. Kendall has definitely given me some great notes now and then and Denny has piped in a bit as well, but i haven’t had an actual director – whose name would be on the piece along with mine – since Laurelann and i did the amoebic version of the show back in January ’94 in Boston.

poor Laurelann. even i didn’t realize how difficult it would be for me to let somebody else take lead on that end, but she was just as awesome and patient and understanding as she was back in college. she never took it personally when i’d just shoot down an idea she’d air without even trying it – either that or she was amazingly adept at hiding her upset. i was able now and then to get over myself and at least try some of her ideas, but the truth is that we gave ourselves a really ridiculous goal – to rehearse the whole show in just two days.

Laurelann Porterthe first day was spent mostly cutting and editing the script and throwing in some loose ideas which we won’t even be able to rehearse without an audience because of how they’re 100% reliant on having an actual audience. then we got a late start on the second day because it was Laurelann’s birthday and i’d bought her a number of birthday drinks the night before – yet again proof of her amazing-ness – choosing to spend her birthday rehearsing with me instead of celebrating. i wanted some time alone to try to parse some of the ideas we’d thrown around the night before, so that left us with only a few short hours of actual rehearsal before we had to get out of the space.

over-all it was definitely a bit of a struggle for both of us. for her (i can only imagine) because i was more resistant than i think i should have been, and for me because it was so difficult to give up some of the vision of the piece to somebody – anybody! – else. of course, there’s still a lot of work to do. there are a ton of great ideas that we didn’t have the time to fully bake and so it’ll be up to me to hole up somewhere two or three times over the next couple weeks to finish seeing them through. hopefully Laurelann will be able to come out to LA a day or two before the preview so i can show her what i’ve done with her ideas, but either way i’m very excited to have these amazing new concepts and directions and so very unbelievably grateful for Laurelann being such a complete bad ass by taking this to the next level with me – particularly since she was there in the very, very beginning nearly twenty years ago.


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