video of the week – 4/16/2012

Superfreako Productions recently made agreements with a list of incredible directors who we have worked with in the past. Team work is the fundamental characteristic of producing movies because the amount of knowledge and experience needed is too much for one person. Although each of us at SFP direct, we know that each director has his/her own style and vision and having access to such a talented group of directors will exponentially expand our capabilities. This week’s video which was directed and edited by Keegan M. Uhl was a commercial made for the “Doritos Crash the Superbowl 2012” contest.

Keegan was a classmate of Kendall’s at LA Film School, he is directing one of the Films from the “We Make Movies” Slate Two Kickstarter Campaign and is one of the creators of “The Hub“, I hilarious new web series.

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