video of the week – 3/12/2012

So John Carter is out this week and word on the street is… it leaves a little something to be desired. Reviews call it “messy and overlong,” “the most indelible performance is… a a six-legged Martian hound,” “not as great or epic as it wants to be,” etc. And those are the good ones (thanks, Rotten Tomatoes). Opening weekend was not promising and while the film showed a pretty decent performance in foreign markets (they sure do love their 3D action flicks), it remains to be seen whether it will make itʻs estimate $250M budget back (or in indie filmmaker exchange, 300 independent films, *insert sad trumpet noise here*).

But never fear! For there is a really fantastic movie that opened in LA this past week- an imaginative, touching story with great performances and better yet, a very happy indie ending. That movie is Boy, the latest feature film by Māori filmmaker Taika Waititi (Eagle vs. Shark, Flight of The Conchords). The title character, Boy, is a kid growing up in New Zealand in 1984. He has two idols, Michael Jackson and his dad, and when his dad gets out of jail and comes back to town looking for his buried money, Boy is faced with the reality that heʻs a lot less like Michael Jackson than heʻd hoped. It really is a beautiful movie and since its original release 2 years ago, has become the highest-grossing feature film in New Zealandʻs history. Theyʻve just finished up a very successful $110,000 Kickstarter campaign for the US release, so itʻs our turn to show our appreciation for the hard work that went into bringing this very worthy film to the world.

Itʻs playing right now in Santa Monica and Pasadena- check out the trailer as our pick for Video of The Week and then go see it!

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