Sound Off

I don’t talk about it because producing dominates my life, but I have a hidden passion for sound design. In film school when we were had to choose a focus I went with producing because that’s where I saw myself, and was consoled by the fact that even if I wasn’t getting credit, I could audit all the sound design classes and still get my fix. Then, because no producers had also chosen sound design, they scheduled all my producing classes at the same time as the sound classes. Awesome.

Well, we have an unfulfilled need here at superfreako productions for a solid sound designer, giving me the opportunity to get back into it and I couldn’t be more excited. I was pretty happy with my first project, Last Days: Ante Diem, for a mix that was started about 3 days before delivery, my first time ever using Soundtrack Pro, and a 12-hr road trip thrown in for good measure. There is still lots of work to be done before it’s screened ¬†on March 4th, but I am really looking forward to hearing it in an actual theater.

My second project is the sound mix for Cricket, Moth, Spider. I am a little spoiled with Last Days: Ante Diem because our pristine dialog was recorded at a fantastic studio (Big Joe Sound) and with it being an animated comic, I can basically start from nothing and build anything I want. Due to time constraints the sound effects are a little bit generic, but there is so much freedom. Cricket, Moth, Spider is another matter altogether. The dialog recording is just plain awful. I am embarrassed that as a filmmaker who is fully aware of how important good production sound can be, I allowed it to be given such low priority on set, but I am personally paying for it now in the form of wall head-banging. I’m always up for a good challenge though and I have some ideas to mask some of the mistakes. Once it’s finished and I get to hear the final, I’ll report back with what exactly I did. I’ve also been doing some research into upgrading our production sound and sound design capabilities and will be reporting on that soon as well.

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