the closer it gets …

the first time i actually called the theater piece i’m currently working on “Leprechauns and Lies” was Sept 11th, 2001. no joke. i was taking class at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and the news of the events that morning seemed to have gotten the whole class on the phones talking about whether or not to cancel that evening’s class. the consensus in the end was that most wanted to have it anyway – many of us felt like we’d be giving in if we didn’t. my piece was already scheduled for that evening before it was anything but a date on the calendar, but i don’t recall even having a name for it yet. i didn’t even have much in the way of a script. on the schedule, it was labeled as something like “original piece” and i’m pretty sure i came up with “Leprechauns and Lies” that day.

there are two fundamental events from my life upon which the piece is based that at first glance would seem completely unrelated, but for a variety of reasons they will be forever tied. one happened in the basement of my friend’s dad’s house in Fargo, North Dakota during the summer of ’89 and the other during a spring day in ’91 at the Naval Memorial in Washington DC. one was made memorable by a near attempt of suicide and the other by an exchange with a stranger who somehow mistook me for a Leprechaun (and yes, the stranger must certainly have been under the influence of something though to this day i still have no idea if it was chemical or just plain insanity).

exactly why these two events have been so important to me is the whole point of the piece in the first place – if it is ever to be completed and performed, but what interests me right at this moment is that these two events happened so bloody long ago. over twenty years have passed since these two events transpired – more than half my life and that entire time i have had this constant gnawing need to share them with others – to share the events, what i learned from them and how entirely they’ve altered the way i see the world. i first took a stab at satisfying this need in ’91, then again in ’94 with an earnest, but awful one-man show appropriately titled “Trash”. the third attempt was the one on 9/11, and since then … nothing … until about a year and a half ago, when the man who has been a kind of constant mentor to me off-and-on for almost fifteen years, Gary Imhoff, told me what i’ve always known: that i had no choice but to finish “Leprechauns & Lies”.

at the time, i was certain it would be finished by November of that year (2010), but that obviously didn’t happen. then during all of 2011, it kept getting pushed further and further away as i continually forced my focus back to more “practical” film and digital pieces – stuff that might actually make us money, help us build an audience or at the very least help flesh out our reel, but the inevitable appears to finally be within sight.

on three evenings in early February in some tiny to-be-determined space somewhere in the Los Angeles area, i will finally perform the full one-man show “Leprechauns & Lies”. these performances will be far from polished – they’re actually workshop performances, but they still might be the last. of course we will be taping them for a possible Fringe festival submission or two, but part of me (a pretty big part, in truth) kind of hopes these three performances will satisfy that 20+ year itch and i’ll never again need to air this particulars dirty laundry ever again. that sure would make my life less complicated, but i’m prepared for anything at this point. i’m just glad to know there’s a morning approaching when i’ll be able to wake up and say to myself “i did it.”

if you can make it to one of those performances (dates still TBD – but if you subscribe to our email newsletter list, i promise to send out a quick email as soon as we lock down the dates and times), i’d love to see you there, but if you can’t and you really want to see it, email me and i’ll see if something can be done about that.

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