treading water

September 2011 will definitely go down as one of the craziest months i’ve ever had. 60 hour weeks at the day job, well over 60 hours (total – not per week) on one of several different freelance gigs and a ridiculous deadline on Last Days: Ante Diem (today) – which we will NOT make btw. the illustrators have been doing excellent work and the animators have been waiting for me to provide files for them to use for the animations. we were also able – in the middle of all this insanity – to get into a really amazing studio down in Santa Monica to record the vocals, but haven’t been able to do much else due to all the real world money crap.

that’s the unfortunate fact – that we have to pay bills while trying to start our company. a brand new company without a steady source of money needs to find other means to keep the lights on and we have one consistent source at the moment: me. my job at WDCW is our only dependable money source right now. our little web design firm is coming kinda close, but the lion’s share of our most recent workload has been flash banners and of the three of us i’m (at least at the moment) our only flash developer. so do the math: 60 hours of work for each of the first three weeks plus 69 hours clocked on one of our accounts, plus perhaps one or two dozen hours on the rest of our clients’ work combined – that plus sleep pushed Last Days back a lot more than i was comfortable with.

thankfully Denny and Sergi (one of our most active Clean Sanchez-ers) were able manage this last shoot without any help from me, but Last Days is hung up on my work right now and we were supposed to deliver today! we were able to squeeze in a few other bits: ‘carefully descending‘ screened with Tara Samuel‘s Ruby Booby (a VERY funny and touching feature by writer/director/comedian Jon Rannells & produced by Tara & Andrew Ahn) at the Downtown Independent on the 5th; we did get all the vocals recorded and arranged for LD:AD as i mentioned above; we had the short version of Ms Young read at the We Make Movies writer’s workshop last thursday and i performed a bit of my one-man show Leprechauns & Lies at Gary Imhoff’s open class this past Monday. there have also been a number of other meetings and discussions for other productions, so it’s still been a pretty active month for our productions – just haven’t been wrapping up Last Days as quickly as i’d like, but October’s going to be all about Last Days – mark my words. i’d actually love to wrap it up entirely by Halloween. i know that’s not very likely, but a man can dream, right?

check out this little animation test below – it’s also a test of some html5 stuff i’ve been messing around with.

all for now. next time, i’m sure we’ll be talking more Last Days.

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  • John Sandel

    Wait—today’s the deadline?

    • september 30th was the original deadline, but Canadians rule. they’re letting us push back … kind of a lot. =)

      • John Sandel

        That explains why they still have the Queen on their money.

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