the trip is over

so time/trip is now officially over. the number of people who sent us photos for the “contest” part was honestly a little underwhelming, so we’ll just be contacting people directly (in the order by which the photos were turned in) to let them actually choose which prize they want.

the videos themselves are now available on-line, but let me back up a little in case you have no idea what time/trip was. time trip was a kind of location and video-based game that is now finished (as i just mentioned). during the summer of 2011 – from June 1st until midnight last night – you could watch the above video only by actually going to Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood and scanning a QR code we left there with a mobile device. from there you had to listen for the names of the other locations where the girls went in their search for this lost purse and the crazy device inside. you’d go to the next location and find the QR code that was also hidden there to find out what happened next in the story. it was part Scavenger-hunt, part “Choose Your Own Adventure” and now that it’s over, you can still watch the videos in a similar “Choose Your Own Advanture” format by watching this and then just clicking on the next “location” to see what happens next.

time/trip was a kind of social experiment and was a lot of fun for us to put together, but considering the fact that it was a $0 budget project there were a number of unfortunate downsides. for instance, some of the locations decided to take down their QR codes before the game was over, which sadly created complete dead-ends in the game for several players (our deepest apologies for that btw). considering we didn’t have a penny to spend on this and considering the fact that we shot all nine pieces in just two days, we are nonetheless quite proud of it over-all and hope people derive at least a modicum of enjoyment from it by “playing” it right from their own computer – the whole thing takes about 20 minutes from beginning to end, and when you’re done you can go back and make different choices to see what would have happened differently if you had.

so thanks for playing – or watching or … even just for reading this far in the post.


(click here to see the time/trip credits).

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