time/trip in the news

so we finally got a little notice today on the Argnet site.

Los Angeles-based production company Superfreako recently launched its own incarnation, time/trip. Describing itself as “part-Scavenger Hunt / part-’Choose Your Own Adventure,’” the video experience starts players at Meltdown Comics on a QR code-fueled trip throughout the city, with branching storylines paving the way.


stay-tuned for time/trip updates because we have something very interesting launching this week. if you’ve seen this month’s email newsletter, you probably already know what i’m hinting at, but there WILL be prizes involved. actual real-life prizes, not the kind i joke about all the time (see the bottom of the page – you have to ‘like’ We Make Movies to see what i’m talking about though).

click here to watch the time/trip teaser.

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