Whoa! It’s been a while. Sorry about that.

As you can see from Chad’s and Denny’s posts lately, we’ve been in a blur of production and travel, shooting two projects and then leaving immediately for the Big Island Film Festival. It’s been a ton of fun but definitely exhausting. Now that everyone is back and the dust has somewhat settled, it’s time to take stock of where we’re at, what needs to happen next.

Where We’re At:

  • We’ve just launched time/trip, the result of an insane two-day shooting shooting spree (cameras, people) throughout Los Angeles just before our trip. Full steam ahead on promotion- check it out!
  • Post production continues on Cricket, Moth, Spider, another short film project shot just before we left, which still has one outstanding morning shoot we’re setting up later this month.
  • Broken People has been released and we’re getting some amazing feedback! Over the next couple weeks I’ll be looking into a few music video and film festivals for submission. We’re not going for some kind of big festival run, just a few here and there that we like and that could provide some good exposure.
  • Carefully Descending is getting a brand spanking new sound mix thanks to David Bartlett, just in time for our June 14th screening at the Downtown Independent! Get your tickets here. They will sell out.

What’s Happening Next:

  • Now that Denny is back with all the beautiful documentary footage, it’s time to start sorting through it and transcribing. One of those is for a documentary we’re helping out on for a friend of ours. It’s a very cool subject and I will be doing a blog post on it as soon as the site is ready to go live, hopefully some time this week.
  • We’re also heading into the portion of our first development phase where we’re going to be setting up the official business, and doing all the research that goes into that. This should be fun! Seriously, I love this stuff. I will definitely be blogging about it for all you other businessy nerds.
  • I am working on setting up a new organization, which I will also be waiting to discuss until after the website is live and I’ve got my ducks in a row. I am so excited about this- it’s something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while and a huge step in realizing some of my big goals in life.

As always, we love staying busy! More to come.


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