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Update – 7/10/11:
we just added a fun little wrinkle to this game. people who play this game can now win fun stuff! check it out and see what you can win, just by playing time/trip and taking photos of yourself in front of the QR codes along the way


Original post:
yesterday morning we launched our new media/experimental project time/trip. it’s part-game, part-short film series and here’s a quick guide for playing it:

  • the first thing you need is a mobile device of some kind – either an iPhone, an iPad, an Android phone or a Blackberry built within the last few years. if you don’t have one yourself, go ahead and borrow one for the day.
  • next, you need to download a bar code / QR code scanning app for your mobile device. here’s a list of some great ones – and these are all free:

  • then the last thing you need to do is find one of the codes we’ve left at different shops around town – one that looks like the above image – and scan it with your device. depending on the app and the device, when the scan is successful you’ll either be taken directly to one of our videos or you’ll be prompted to make a choice between different options. for instance my Android phone (a Samsung Vibrant) gives me options while my iPad 2 just takes me directly to the video. if given options, choose the one that says “Open Browser” or has “Open with Youtube” or something like that. the videos are all hidden on unlisted urls on Youtube – which means you cannot search for it anywhere and that you need to actually go to one of these locations to get the url.
  • you’ll probably notice that the video takes place in exactly the same place where you yourself went to find the QR code. then at the end of the video, the characters will leave for either one or two other locations. so the last part is easy, either go to the next place if they only mention one, or CHOOSE between the two different options that they mention. once at the new place, look for the QR code that is THERE and it all starts over again.

now, you could start following this story wherever you want, but we suggest you start your journey at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood (7522 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046 to be exact).

so there it is, that’s all you need to know about playing time/trip. please, if you have any questions or suggestions or you just want to yell at us for wasting your time =P leave a comment below or you can always email me directly at

happy hunting!

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