Onward and Upward

Onward and Upward

Every Thursday, without fail, the superfreakos have a business meeting. Even if one or more of us is not in town, we’ll make it happen because it has such a crazy effect on our productivity.

We’ve had our roadmap set up for months, even though it changes often, but actually getting the work done requires a million bajillion little tasks that we’re working on all the time (the million mile journey starts with a single step and all of that).

First thing’s first, each person goes through their individual weekly tasks and says what they did or didn’t do, and why/how. We do this with the help of our scrum board, which we fill with little post-its that have tasks written on them. When a task has been finished, it gets moved on over to the completed side. If we didn’t finish, it stays. We didn’t come up with this system- we started this way back and it’s a good general system for task management and accountability. There’s something very psychological about moving that damn little post-it over to the “COMPLETED” box. It also keep everyone motivated because, well, if you’re not pulling your weight it shows. The post-its don’t lie.

That’s not to say we get down on each other if we don’t finish our stuff. On the contrary- we have a pretty healthy working relationship with each other and we all put ourselves under enough pressure as it is. If I don’t get my stuff done one week, there’s not a word the guys could say that I’m not already telling myself.

So yes, every Thursday there’s usually a little scramble to get our tasks finished, especially when it’s been as busy a week as this one was. And the amount of tasks constantly varies- some weeks there’s a lot to do, some weeks a little less. The important part is that we are all working consistently to grow this company into what we want it to be.

After updating our tasks, we go through our projects one by one and discuss any new information or any new action that needs to be taken. The post-it stack gets passed around and by the end of the meeting our “THIS WEEK” boxes are filled again. It’s become incredibly helpful for us and is no doubt one reason we’re able to push work through as quickly as we have been, so I can’t recommend it enough. This doesn’t just apply to starting a company- maybe you’re developing your own personal career or pursuing some other kind of goal- but list your tasks (no matter how small they may be), find a way to make yourself consistently accountable and work through them one by one. Even one inch is still forward motion, but zero is zero.

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  • i’m gonna share this post with my actor friends. can’t believe i’ve never really imparted this for them.

    • Kendall

      Yeah, I was surprised when I realized none of us had written about how we work. 

  • Nkyota2

    Mahalo nui loa! This is a great idea for any and all kinds of work. John and I have so much to do to get Mom and Dad into their home and then get us moved into ours that we often lose track of the little things that are a part of it. I am definitely going to use this model for everything.

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