the careful descent is over.

this post originally appeared on on 6/15/11

the careful descent is over

last night (6/14/11) as part of the most recent We MADE Movies short films screening, we had what is very likely to be the last screening of our film “carefully descending“, but it also happened to be the FIRST screening of the actually completed piece. it was a great success – people seemed quite moved by the piece – or at least they said they were, but it’s hard to figure out what is a legitimate compliment and what is just politeness. either way though, there were definitely moments in the piece that hit ME in a way they never did before – moments of realization and understanding that worked exactly as originally envisioned, and sometimes even better.

so now we’re moving on. somebody was asking me what our plans are for ‘carefully descending’ and though we have been tentatively asked to screen in a couple other venues, we’re definitely not spending any more money, time or energy trying to get this into any more festivals. if asked to participate, we’ll probably say yes, but at this point we’ve got bigger fish to fry.

it seems to me that there’s always a point where a project ceases to be a project and becomes a lesson, and as much as i love this piece – and i very much do – it’s now a lesson and we’re moving on to other projects.

now as promised, we will be giving away free digital downloads to everybody on our superfreako and lastdaysjournal newsletter lists on August 1st – so if you want one go sign up now and keep your eyes peeled for the newsletter with the special digital download link on August 1st. and if and when any of these screenings that are already in the mix pan out (and BTW if you know any festival programmers that you think might like to include “carefully descending” in their festival feel free to have them contact me), i’ll announce those here and on as well.

thanks for you support,

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