we MADE movies & carefully descending

buy tickets We MADE Movies - 6/14/11in December ’09, we shot a short film called “carefully descending“. at about 3am thursday morning (6/9/11), the totally bad ass David Bartlett finally finished the sound mix for us and thus, completed the film. though we’ve already screened this film in two different festivals, it hadn’t actually been complete when we did, but it’s done now and though it’s far from perfect, and – though i can’t speak for Kendall or Denny – ‘carefully descending’ is still the most accurate and emotional expression of MY heart that can be seen on screen … at least so far.

tomorrow night (6/14/11) at about 7pm, “carefully descending” will be shown at the Downtown Independent as part of a We MADE Movies.org shorts festival. tickets are only $10 a piece and there will be a party afterwards on the roof – at which i can introduce anybody who comes to the very, very cool and prolific We Make Movies crew. here’s a link to buy the tickets – which btw are selling out FAST. in fact, online sales will be shut down at 4pm tomorrow and we’ll be selling the rest from the box office.

we would love to see you all there.

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