a pretty big day

yesterday was a pretty big day for superfreako productions. tons of crap we’ve been working on finally completed all at the same time. you don’t believe me? check it:

time trip

  • we finally finished post-production and then posted the music video for Kyle Puccia’s gorgeous song Broken People (featuring Diana Meyer of Diana Gone Wrong). it was a longer process than originally anticipated, but that kind of thing happens and we’re all quite pleased with the result.
  • we began a little week-long promo push to spread the news about our newest and most original project: time/trip. we can’t tell you too much about it now, but i’ll say this much – just to you, our loyal readers =P : it all begins at 11am June 1st at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. other than that, you’re on your own! ūüėČ
  • our friends at We Make Movies launched a kickstarter campaign to make a small slate of

    short films. Cricket Moth Spider happens to be one of those films. though we shot most of it already, there are still a couple more shots to do and all the post. if we hit our target, we’re actually planning to pay the cast and crew if there’s any money left after the last two (and most technically challenging) shots and post-production. feel free to give some money to the campaign and to spread the news about it to your friends and family. what better cause than to help SIX different crazy indie shorts get made?! seriously.

  • tickets for the We Made Movies June 14th screening – the one where we’re going to show the finally fully completed carefully descending – just became available for purchase on Brown Paper Tickets. the sound mix still isn’t done, but we just locked down veteran sound guy David Bartlett to finish it for us. David’s resume is ridiculous! he’s edited, designed and/or mixed on nearly 50 different films, including Total Recall, Speed and Pulp Fiction. needless to say, we’re extremely excited to have him on board and can’t wait to see what he does with our little film.

there’s obviously a lot more still in the works – Denny is still in Hawaii gathering footage all day and editing stuff at night -, but Kendall and i looked at each other last night and realize that all that happened just yesterday. kind of a nice surprise.

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