Blog de Resistance

Blog de Resistance

A few years ago I read a book I believe every artist should own (if not memorize)- The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s not some namby-pamby self help book encouraging you to reach deep within yourself and yell “I CAN DO THIS, WORLD! EMBRACE ME AS I AM!” before returning to your bowl of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and mourning the tragic, premature cancellation of All My Children. No. It quite simply breaks down the single greatest enemy that faces artists today. The thing that makes it most difficult to pull the stuff in your brain holes out onto paper. The thing that causes me to check Facebook 20-30 times and read an article about the phrase “namby pamby” on Wikipedia while I’m supposed to be finishing this blog post. That’s right, our own bullshit (or resistance as Pressfield refers to it).

Resistance, thy name is Makana

Not in a judgmental way, mind you. The fact is, we’re wired to favor instant gratification and anything worth doing tends to be hard, sustained work. The War of Art strips away the facade of all the distractions that we pretend are more important than doing whatever it is we were actually put here to do. If you have never read this book, pick it up right away, read it, and keep it close.

So naturally I was super excited to hear that Pressfield has a new book coming out – Do the Work – which takes you through the process of starting and completing your project. Even more awesome, the Kindle version is available for free right now! I jumped on it, having quite a few writing projects I have been missing goals on lately and guess what? No kidding, I am about a third of the way through and have made more progress on one of my projects than I have in weeks. Because I am actually doing it. Get this book, and if you’re fortunate to run into Mr. Pressfield, give him a great big, non-creepy hug.

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  • Sugarbella

    Thanks for the recommendation Kendall. I will run out and get these two books. Completely where my head is at lately!! xx,Keli

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