crazy couple weeks … the good kind of crazy

loads of crap happened these past couple of weeks – much of it pretty exciting and interesting. i’ve just been kind of processing it all and doing a ton of last-minute, unplanned preparations for some of them. so here they are:

  • our short film ‘carefully descending‘ got accepted into the On Location: Memphis film festival. since that was the first festival to accept the film – after dozens that turned it down – we decided we wanted to go. so we’ll be there the whole time, April 7th until the 11th. not all of us, but kendall, karim (our other executive producer) and i will be there.
  • then the day after we booked our tickets to Memphis we found out that ‘carefully descending‘ also got into the Big Island Film Festival. denny is going to end up going about a week early to that so he can get a bunch of footage for a handful of other projects we’re working on – stuff that’s either a little too preliminary to be on our project board, is more of a kuliaikanuu production or pretty much of belongs to one of several friends of ours at the moment. in other words, there’s lots to do in hawaii, so denny’s gonna go early to start that stuff, then kendall, karim and i will join him for the festival May 11th-15th and then long after we’ve returned, denny will come back with hopefully a variety of different sizzle and pitch reel for a half dozen different projects.
  • screening map

  • needless to say i had to do some preparation for the festivals, so i spent a fair amount of time this week fixing up that took a while as it was looking like pure crap when i started, but now it’s in pretty decent shape and even has a little screening map – showing all the locations we’re screening at on a little google map -, as well as a little screening calendar. i’m hoping all the actors will get me their bios to get onto the site soon. otherwise, it’s pretty much ready for primetime.
  • perhaps one of the strangest things that happened this week though was that kyle puccia, the artist for whom we’re producing ‘Broken People‘ shot and posted on youtube a really funny spoof on Rebecca’s Black horrible ‘Friday’ video (22 millions hits and counting?!?!). as of the posting of this entry, kyle’s spoof had only been online a little over 72 hours and already had nearly 180,000 hits! needless to say, we’re in a bit of a rush now to finish our video so as to try to feed off some of this crazy ‘Friday’ traffic before it dwindles. kyle very smartly had another music video – Message – that he had shot a few weeks ago rushed to the finish and posted that this morning. it’s a really fantastic video – about as different emotionally from ‘Broken People‘ btw as you could possibly get – as uplifting and fun as our video is deep and sad. i’m embedding Message for you below btw. i really love the work that kyle and the production company did on it.

so yeah, it’s been a crazy week – and i had to try to keep all my other plates spinning as much as possible right along with all that, but it’s fun. =D

here’s even more fun though – Kyle’s wonderful music video of “Message” produced by Lior and Danit

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