a small mystery sandwich

so … wow.

there are some very, very interesting developments stemming from our most recent meeting. unfortunately i can’t discuss the specifics at the moment, but i wanted to make sure i took note of this particular period in time – a period where some potentially massive decisions regarding what the form of our company will be probably for quite a while. i wanted to record as much of my thoughts and feelings about the situation as i can. however, i don’t know what i can say and what i can’t – what’s the safest way to proceed and what’s the most reckless.

these are extremely fascinating times right now: we’re a little over two weeks away from launching the new we make movies.org site; a little less than two weeks from beginning our broken people music video shoot; and probably only a few days away from making some final decisions about exactly what form our company will initially take and who will be responsible for what.

so, sorry for the mystery sandwich, but i promise to be more explicit when i can be.

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