a few quick things

so a few quick things before this next meeting – most of this we’ve hashed over already but i haven’t had time to add to the blog:

  • been helping the awesome kids over at we make movies with their new site. they’ll be launching it on february 24th and we’re going to coordinate our big push with theirs. their new site will be very cool – hopefully making the nuts and bolts of independent filmmaking just a tiny bit easier for LA filmmakers, primarily by helping them connect with one another, but also hopefully by giving them a place to quickly and intuitively share tips, resources and ideas. so that’s one thing.
  • we’re not going to be able to actually form up superfreako productions as a non-profit as we were all hoping. apparently laws prohibiting a certain percentage of board members from also benefitting from the non-profit would make it impossible for us to actually maintain control over the dang thing, so … bummer. big, fat bummer. i guess we’re just going to have to be as helpful to indie filmmakers as we can the good old-fashioned way: by just being helpful.
  • so that means we have to figure out exactly how to form up legally – meaning are we going to be an LLC, an LLP, a corporation – and if a corporation, what kind are we going to be. and most importantly, how are the shares going to be split. i have a feeling tonight’s meeting will go over that some, and though i definitely want to have that all figured out, i’m not looking forward to that discussion. cross your fingers.
  • we’ve done a ton of pre-production for a music video we’re shooting in about ten days – a music video of kyle puccia’s beautiful song, broken people. then in march, we’re shooting two different short-short films from some of the we make movies vets. so … yeah, we’re busy.
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