hard choices

so that was a very interesting meeting. some very interesting points and counter-points. lots of fascinating points-of-view about how much of the company each person feels entitled to, etc. i’m not going to say it didn’t get a little heated now and then, but the good news is that we’re all pretty reasonable people that like each other and want to do the right thing. so despite the emotion and the very strong and often differing points-of-view, i feel like we all left in relatively good humor. now the test will be if we can actually make some solid decisions about the shares of the company and STAY as friendly as we are right now.

the facts are that we’re embarking on some scary stuff – the actual formation of a company. we have to make some decisions as soon as possible about that formation or we could be opening ourselves up to some potential liability. at the end of the day, my concerns regarding the exact form and shape of this formation are 1) that we can in some small way counter the corporate culture that’s so rampant today – the kind of culture in fact that i personally believe has been hugely destructive to the moral fabric or our country, but that’s for another day – however … 2) that we can set things up so that the Kukahikos (kendall included obviously) can maintain a controlling interest in the company, and 3) that the shape and form of the company can somehow embody our main goals and purposes. that is to say, a company that allows us to ride that balance between remaining viable as a company and being helpful to other artists.

so next week we’ll hopefully make some solid decisions about the shares and move closer to wrapping this us and moving on to more production.

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