the countdown

two days until the Broken People shoot and though we do have a lot going for us – kyle’s kicked in a decent chunk of dough and we’re kicking in some of our own – there’s still a lot that we need. we’ve never had issues with getting people to work on a project like we’re having on this one. all three of us are trying to figure out what the problem is this time around – why we’re having such issues.

interestingly kendall and i woke up this morning with the exact same ideas for preemptively managing this kind of thing in the future. from now on, even if we’re not paying ourselves anything, we’re going to try to work into the budget at least some nominal amount of pay for our crew. and failing that, we’ll offer deferred pay. not many of these projects are likely to generate any income – at least not these reel pieces we’re planning to do over the next month, but that’s not to say they’ll DEFINITELY not make any money. if we’re able to generate enough hits on our youtube page to get a Youtube Partner status, then some of these one-off videos we’re doing just for our reel just might generate some decent hits. if that happens, and if any of our videos actually generate some income, we’ll have money to actually pay out some of these deferred agreements.

so it’s definitely a risk, but it’s sure better than offering nothing at all. also, at the end of the day it’s be great practice for our hope to create a more co-op style of filmmaking, but … doesn’t exactly help us much this time around, does it?

we’ll have to make do and use the human resources we’ve mustered this time around oooooor try to hook up some of these deferment fast and loose and try to rustle up a few more people for this shoot. i’d love to do the latter, but there’s so much to do already, that’s not likely to occur between now and saturday.

so … cross your fingers.

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