On the starting block.

One of my goals this week was to schedule a few productions that are part of the first phase of our production company launch. Since we have so much going on right now, this required a whole calendar for the next four months balancing pre-production, production and post on multiple projects, making sure the multi-faceted members of the team weren’t double-booked, and working in additional goals for things like writing and locking scripts. We wound up with something I think is a very solid plan and though it hasn’t been locked yet (we have a prod co meeting tomorrow), there is no time to waste and we’re in full pre-production mode on the first project with others looming closely behind it.

Though it gave a solid glimpse into how busy we are going to be for the next four months, the plan has also been a tremendous relief. The people best suited for producing are the kind that do not get intimidated by a lengthy to-do list, but on the other hand if you put a bunch of abstract notions out there about what’s to come without anything nailed down or priorities in order, you are also apt to drive those very people insane. It’s like being on the starting block and waiting for the gun, all your muscles tensed in anticipation… and waiting… and waiting…

So we have a solid plan now. Everything or nothing could change in this plan, but from here it’s just about rolling with whatever comes and doing the work. And one way or another when we get to the other side, it will be with a slew of exciting, quality projects under our belt that will demonstrate what we are capable of.

If you are a producer and one of those types of people and find yourself adrift in a sea of artists who like to conceptualize, push to get things down on paper. Make calendars, make lists, set dates. It can all change later, that’s what “TENTATIVE” is for. Set attainable goals. Not only will it allow you to make progress towards getting these projects in the can, you can also start to take advantage of the little victories along the way that are so motivating.

My next post will be about SAG. That’s right, it gets a whole entire post all to itself. Are you proud of yourself, SAG?

Me ke aloha,


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